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Everything starts with your CV. This is your chance to shine.

Keep your resume clean, concise, and professional and take your time to make sure you say everything you want to. Detail any yachting background and provide your current location.

New to yachting? Perhaps think about previous roles and experience and how you could use those in your application and in future positions. Finally, ask someone you trust to read and check your CV – attention to detail matters.
  • Make it easy to read
    Use a clean layout and simple fonts
  • Make it personal
    Explain why you are the best candidate for the role
  • Use an appropriate email address
    The CV is your shop window; be professional
  • Include a clear headshot
    Use a professional, passport-style photo. Smile!
  • Keep it short
    Two A4 pages are plenty
  • List all your work history
    Start with your latest role
  • Highlight skills and experience
    Tailor your CV to the job – but be truthful!
  • Check and check again
    Grammar, spelling, and punctuation matter

CV template

Our experts have put together the ideal CV template for candidates applying for jobs through our portal.

Download it now

Registering with us

Before we can help you find your ideal role, you need to register with us.

  • Gather your completed CV and documents before signing up.

Once registered:

  • Upload your CV and any relevant qualifications certificates
  • Activate job alerts
  • Apply for positions which best suit your skills set or background

If you are a good match, we’ll arrange a time and date to chat about available roles.

Once you have created your profile, keeping your file updated is essential. If your details change and you have new or updated qualifications, refresh your CV and upload the necessary information. 

Don’t forget we’re looking for stand-out CVs that closely match the requirements of the available jobs. Spend time looking at the roles on offer and carefully consider the details you provide. Creating a fantastic profile now can pay off in the long run. The more relevant information we have, the better your chances.

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